Sunday, August 2, 2009


马华党歌-原装版 (1949年)

同心协力 刻苦坚韧
披荊斩棘 团结一致

马华党歌-改良版 (2009年)




Anonymous said...

Terrific!!! I can read chinese but don't know how to type using Chinese star, so just appreciate your effort.

cakappolitikmca said...

Pls hurry up te learn pinyin or any other form of mandarin entry. It is easy, like it or not mandarin is still the most effective away of communication among MCA members. If you write in english the effectiveness is greatly reduced.

Anonymous said...

I agree in toto, chinese language is the best of all the languages in the world!!!

I can read and even correct other people's grammatical error and usage of chinese idiomatic expressions, haha. Believe me or not is your own choice. I learn chinese through reading the kung fu and sword fighting story books, haha.

Thanks for your advice, I will learn up when I have more time later.

Keep up your good work Johorian. I was born in Johore and now stay in other state. I hope Johore will be back to it's serene and calm stage like before the Greatest Man in the world went there to maleficently and maliciously divide, damage and destroy Johore MCA. Wake up all Johore mCA members if you have guts!!!! Johorians will never knee down or bow to anyone either than our Sultan and King!!! Remember the May 13 tragedy? Only Johore was free from the tragedy. We went to schools as usual, no curfew at all. Can you remember that? Do you know why? It was the late Sultan's might, the Johore Palace Soldiers stopped the Federal Reserve Force from entering Johore at the Sungai Rambai!

Stiff your backbones Johorians!!!!!
Go to hell satan, don't come and disturb Johore! Johore MCA members, why pay tribute to satan?

Anonymous said...

You are right, by the look of this website, cakappoilitik is a righteous Johorian, keep it up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think what Dr. Ling said 'a fish will rot from it's head' is right. Many of us do not have intention to hold any post in any party, but that doesn't mean that we can't give constructive comments! It's the human's right to speak! You better know that!!!

When the head tries to block people from speaking truth, the result is worse.

Learn the culture of former MCA in Johore, cohesive and adhesive, but why is it different now? Non johorians, you have no right to maleficently and malicious destroy and damage Johore's peacefulness and serenity!