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中国报 29/11/2009







(01) 报章记者够八,没有象样的话题可问,随便找个话题发问,但是,最后还是问错对象。

(02) 根据一般惯例,任何团体的秘书和主席,可以随时具备理由呈函注册局(ROS),申请展延召开常年大会,如果不是改选年,不涉及延长职位任期,ROS肯定循例批准,除非另外有人呈函抗议。

(03) 这样小小的疑问,何必搞上法律局的律师,中委林祥才回答不出来,本刊可以即刻回答,展延常大绝对不成问题。

(04) 可是,展延的具体理由是什么,到底为什么一再展延常大,为了符合廖派10来个人的意愿,其他2370个人有意见咩?

(05) 马华党校应该主办实用的课程,讲解1966年社团注册法令,给党员和领袖学习和充实。

(06) 党章规定的常大日期,是在每年的8月31日之前,为了对付蔡细历,翁总宣布展延至10月11日,过后再展延至12月5日,现在还想再展延吗?

(07) 区区一个常大,通告也发出去了,一般的开会活动而已,到底要展延多少次,需要搞到如此复杂又混乱吗?

(08) 其实翁总根本没有理由再展延,尤其是廖中来代表宣布展延在先,翁总跟着宣布展延,岂不是丢尽总会长的颜面?

(09) 廖派要摆出大阵仗搞重选罢了,但是,重选和常大应该分开来谈,不要搞乱事情。

(10) 首相不克出席主持开幕,可以委派副首相来,总之2009年度第56届常年大会,12月5日(星期六)上午10点在三春礼堂,咱们不见不散。


thunderkajang said...

Dear comrades, the 1128 EGM is very significant in order to restore the party's integrity and credibility by having the endorsement from central delegates to decide a fresh election. Now, most of the central delegates and grass-root members are satisfy with the mutual agreement achieved between leaders to have a fresh election very soon, as mentioned by Dato Seri Dr Chua SL in his blog recently. We feel comfortable to those leaders who have decided to solve party crisis in a best manner despite of the own interest including Dato Seri Liow TL and Dato Seri Dr Chua SL. The decision to call off 1128 EGM is a basic respect to the mutual agreement achieved and has no reluctant to the party's democracy spirit. Let us see what will be mentioned in the 1128 Briefing Session. The most vital part is the best solution to settle party conflict has been tabled and accepted by the leaders, and MCA is back on the right track again. It is the sincere hope from members who love the party.

Anonymous said...

To has fresh party election very soon and do mentioned by CSL ? Have any body seek any opinion from the center committee who is rightful body to decide about the party fresh election whether is a necessity and when to need it. This is DEMO - CRACY & RESPECT , and not DEMAND CRAZY and not DISDAIN.

Anonymous said...


thunderkajang said...


Anonymous said...

thnderkajang, you are very childish, you think so easy for people to resign ? The term of office is 3 years, you want to shorten it, on what ground, just because LTL fails to become President ?

Anonymous said...

Thunderkajang is a typical outsider or a very junior and novice member of the MCA. He fails to see clear what games are being played by various parties. He belive at face value whatever uttered by MCA leader, china press and association leaders. Actully a lot of these words are useless and rubbish.

thunderkajang said...

To resign on what ground? a junior outsider or a 3 years old kid also understand it...fresh election is the only best way to solve the party crisis! Now is up to the CC members to decide whether their balance 2 years term more important rather than the party's integrity or credibility!
Liow TL resign because fail to be president??? hahaha, my poor friend, u r really genius because u think the other 16 CC tendered their resignation because of failing to be president too??? I don't understand what face value are you thinking and talking about!!!